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"Artist Aaron Joseph Arroyave has been developing his incredibly unique style for quite some time now, and this comes out in an extraordinary way...

A thoughtful handling of every texture combined with a rich, saturated and hot palette, make for a vibrant display of artistic performance; reminiscent of Matisse and Gauguin, but with an exotic and modern twist. Terrifying but gorgeous, the subjects of his paintings range from semi-abstract landscapes to surreal sub-human interaction and a deep inspection of complex beings full of character, emotion and vigor. The range of textures is tremendous, somehow unnerving the audience to a point of wondrous contemplation of what world these figures occupy,and how they can avoid it or become a part of it. Humanistic rituals are turned on their heads, and we can only speculate as to the emotions running through these figures' minds."
-Everett Laidlaw